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Desire Detailing is one of the first Myanmar's door-to-door cleaning and polishing services in Yangon, saving customers' time and being his or her own cars in "just out-of-showroom" features. It has services of interior and exterior cleaning, car polishing, waxing, wind sheet cleaning, head light restoration, etc.



Desire Detailing is started in 2016 as pioneer company in Myanmar in order to provide premium mobile car detailing services to luxury cars and premium quality demand in Yangon. Value of time saving and security of their cars concepts to premium cars owners made good kick start for Desire Detailing.


Well-trained professional technicians of Desire Detailing Services ensure the right choice of detailing products and techniques, based on the vehicle's surface type and condition.


Detailing includes two categories: Exterior and Interior detailing services.


Exterior Detailing Service involves cleaning, waxing, car polishing, wind-sheet cleaning, head-light restoration as well as other visible components on a vehicle's exterior. Moreover, using the appropriate detailing products like detergents, brushes and drying towels would surely improve the reflexibilty of the owner's car surface.


Interior Detailing Service involves a cleaning of the interior cabin, dry-wash of the upholstery, leather, interior dust cleaning etc by using the variety of cleaning techniques and products.


Desire Detailing Service does always value the customers' satisfaction, save their time and make sure their cars to get the public attention as well.


One of its comments said:" Totally satisfy with Desire detailing service today. They even fixed some marks which I got from other car polish. They are professional and know what they are doing."